The Concept

Dive into the heart of an unexpected experience!
Through immersion, we offer you the opportunity to relive the cult films ... as if you were there.

As an integral part of the story, you decide your path and interact with its key elements.
Solve the mysteries, interact with the emblematic characters or take advantage of the opportunity to escape and wander through the scenery that made you dream so much.


Enter a new dimension

Accustomed to watching a movie on a screen, now it's time to participate!

Steps of
the adventure

The experience begins before booking and ends after the event is closed.


Meet the Universe

Be on the lookout, discover the next experience, before you even take your seats, through an online pre-experience open to all, on the borders of technology and reality.


Immediate boarding

Once your friends are gathered and your entrances reserved, many mysteries will be unveiled to you, through an exclusive access to prepare your event: missions, character or dress code...


The adventure begins!

All you have to do is take the plunge and enter this as yet unexplored world! Escape, travel the places and influence the course of events.


Watch your movie

Make yourself comfortable, the session is about to begin! Take the opportunity to review the cult sequences of this masterpiece on the big screen with many surprises during the projection.


And have a good time

In the middle of the action, keep in mind the main goal: to have fun! Chat, dance and eat in this unique alternative universe.


Would you like to dive into a particular movie?
Let us know!

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